Handicrafts Program

Handicrafts Program

The Handicraft program is a Fair Trade initiative of TARANGO started in 1989. The function of our handicrafts program is to improve the socio economic condition of marginalized and rural women in order to make their products more marketable both in the local and international market. These women are supported in a four-layer approach: training, supplies of raw materials, marketing and guidance into self-directed action.  TARANGO’s service coverage extends to more than 18,000 women in the districts of Dhaka, Barisal, Dinajpur, Gopalgonj, Faridpur, Tangail, and Lalmonirhat.

The beauty of Handicraft programme lies in extending a 4-layer support to its craft women of Mofussil. These are:

-Skilled Training

-Supply of raw materials

-Marketing and

-Guidance for self-directed action


The overall objective is to strengthen entrepreneurship development capacity of vulnerable women (Divorcee, violence victim, marginalized and indigenous women of Mofussil) thus alleviating poverty as well as ensuring gender balance.

The specific objectives are:

- Marketing of eco-friendly aesthetic products made of natural fiber at international market

- Contribution to national economic development as well as poverty reduction and employment generation through promotion of export of handicraft   all over the world


- Safe environment practice in its operation

- Use of local inputs

- Home-made products by vulnerable women

- Adhering World Fair Trade Rules

- 2,000 skilled craft women

- 18,800 women beneficiaries

- 10 working areas

- Export markets-USA, Canada, Australia, France, Sweden, UK, Netherland, Germany, Japan, Korea and Singapore 

TARANGO’s Products:

Many of TARANGO’s fabric products are made of jute. This is an eco-friendly, biodegradable and annually replenishable cash crop. It is called the 'Golden Fibre' and is a plant that yields a yarn which was traditionally used for sacking and cordage and carpet backing materials. The jute products of TARANGO are made of braided jute using handlooms and waist looms. The products include baskets, bags, mats, folders, plant pot holders, hammocks, cushions, festive decorations etc. 

Some other fabric products are made of tasteful, traditional textiles from the Hill Tract region of Bangladesh. The material is usually woven on waist looms and used to make a variety of clothing, wall hangings, table cloths, coasters and bags for use of diversified purposes.   

TARANGO also produces clay products like ornaments, vases, burners for aroma therapy and items used during special festivities. Coconut shell is used for jewelry, buttons and decorative items. Leaf, grass and palm are used to make many kinds of baskets, bags and greeting cards, and re-cycled cement bags and billboard paper are used to make shoulder bags, laptop bags, sports bags, boxes and trays.

Product Range:

Products made of jute are: Handbags, shopping bags, shoulder bags, beach bags, Backpack, waist pack, clutch purse, wallet, utility purse, sika, wall hanging, coaster, hot mat and table runner.

Products made of Braid Jute are: Fruit, flower, laundry, tray, waste basket, hammock, cushion placemat, doormat, and folder.

Products made of Clay/ Terracotta are: Animal shape decor–elephant, lion, tiger, bird, Vase, mosquito coil burner, incense burner, bell, Christmas decor, wall hanging and foot scrubber.

Products made of Leaf/Grass/ palm water hyacinth/ rice stalk are: Fruit/flower decor, laundry, waste baskets, boxes, coaster and hot mat.

Products made of Textile are: Embroidery and needle work handloom, table cloth, punjabi and polo shirts.

Products made of Handmade Paper are: Christmas cards / Greeting cards and Gift boxes.

Products made of Shell – coconut/sea are: Shopping and handbags finishing work décor.

Products made of Cement bags materials-recycled are: Shopping and computer bags.

Way Forward

TARANGO is a sort of Social Business backed by women craft producers living at Mofussil. Its surplus earnings are reinvested to further expand its business. TARANGO acts as a bridge to export products produced by the women of Mofussil to uptown of North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. More business means more income for the disadvantaged women of Bangladesh and so the ultimate ambition is to to establish TARANGO as number 1 brand at the global export market.

TARANGO works closely with several Fair-Trade organizations in Europe and able to establish a potential export market for its handcrafts products in Germany, Denmark, Italy, Spain, UK, USA, Australia, Japan, France, Korea, Belgium China, Netherland, Finland, Greenland and Singapore.

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282/5, 1st Colony,
Mazar Road 
Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216 
Phone: +88-02 48040914. 
Email: wedptar@yahoo.com;


282/5, 1st Colony, Mazar Road 
Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216 
Phone: +88-02 48040914. 
Email: wedptar@yahoo.cominfo@tarango.org